B4U Packaging consistently regards company culture as the key to success and further believes that staffs are motivators who can help Leaves Packaging boost. In order to enhance the core competence of our company and make the whole team cooperate well together, our company organizes various kinds of out-door activities once a month, huge entertainment per half a year, for instance, Huangshan see-sighting, climbing the hills, hiking, swimming, barbecue, tasting tea, etc, which give the staffs a window to close to the greatest wonderful places in China and make them more knowledgeable. Not only can make staffs more active and passionate, but can help them realize the significance of team-work and understand each other, coordinate with each other. Look, everyone has big smile on their faces!!!


B4U Packaging highly emphasizes work efficiency. We have been studying experiences all the time and even extracting the nutrition every moment since we have regular training programs, especially for who just joined our team, we’ll have one-month products training and the chance for learning how to make our products in workshops, also we’ll invite management or sales experts to our company to teach lessons, besides, Leaves Packaging always organize analysis meeting for newly design products, which can give everyone imagine and realize the international innovation trends.


We, motivated and passionate, will grow endlessly to be a leader of Packaging line.